Summer 2018 Updated review: Kingston HyperX cloud revolver

Metal frame, but the adjustment ,  swing arm & cups are made of plastic, which is the weakest point of the headset.

Because the plates are swing arm, the plastic will not get as much stress, as it would if it was not swing arm as solid connection, but still, it would be nice if it was made of metal.

I did go for the cloud revolver because of the steel frame, which is good if you drop it on the floor.

The microphone:



  • Better audio than Logitech. Much better sound than Logitech G430(this might not be so noticeable for everybody, but for me it is. without too much bass. Things I barely hear, I now can hear even better than the G430. Noticeably better sound than the Logitech g430 headset, I have been listening to Jimi Hendrix a lot , everything sounds much clearer, the cymbals are a lot more noticeable, the bass guitars are more noticeable, even imperfection, like static sound from old recordings, or distortion effect is much clearer. or when the singer got the mouth too close to the mic I can hear the difference much better, than on the g430.On the track ”Little Wing” the Glockenspiel was much more noticeable, I could clearly hear what instrument it was, unlike g430 and the other headsets I have been using in the past.
  • quite comfy,the self adjusting headband,& the steel frame combined with big ear ear cups with big cushions make this happen.
  • The cushions are easy to remove.
  • Preside volume wheel
  • Braided cable fabric cable
  • The adjustment works well and keeps the headset on your head, even when your head is upside down,not you would do that often, but nice if you drop something you can pick it off without headset falling off.
  • 3.5 jacks
  • lightweight,not the heaviest but not the lightest but decent weight, but I would not mind heavier if it would improve durability.
  • detachable microphone
  • should fit big ears, it’s easy to just move the cups to the desired position, my ears are average size and I got the space for 1 ringer tip, both on the top and rear of the cup.
  • easy to put on with one hand, unlike some headset, like Logitech for example.




  • Awful microphone, the voice gets so changed I can’t recognise my own voice, it gets so changed it makes me sound like I am drunk, and there is a constant hissing/white noise.
  •  The 3.5 cable isn’t detachable.
  • gets hot and sweaty after a while.
  • If you got big ears that stick out the ears will touch the plate, as long as you got average, or a bit over the average but not ears that stick out, then you are on the safe side.
  • the suspension self-adjusting headband-swing arm should be made of metal instead of plastic, for better durability.
  • if you move your head fast or hit your fingers on the steel frame it makes a sound similar to a church bell or hitting a metal tube against some other metal depending on where you hit it, but this is not a big deal-breaker for me, I already knew about this when I purchased this headset.
  • might not fit your head is above average size, mine is about 59cm, which results in about a half cm space between the steel frame and the headband
  • Synthetic leather, instead of real leather, I had a bad experience with synthetic leather, it usually wears out quite fast.
  • The headband design is flawed, the screws holding the self-adjusting headband are hard to reach, there is no way to tighten them when they loosen up, which will eventually happen, maybe in few months maybe in a year maybe 2 years, but it will eventually happen.
    The plastic swing arm
    The cable in the right kinked probably caused by the swingarm detaching because of the missing screw.

  • The autumn of 2017 I noticed strange distortion and hissing, which was caused by the 3.5 plug slightly unplugging.
  • The pleather on the cushions failed a few weeks later.
  • There also was play in the cable where the cable goes into the controller.
  • The plastic parts:

    Damaged plastic part

Damaged plastic part
  • The cussions became too easy to remove, they fell out from time to time


Wear summer 2018

The cushion inside part of cushion covers popped off.

The Artificial leather  is falling off.




Things to improve:

  • Better microphone, constant static when recording., I found the best way to get usable audio was to use +20db  whit mic straight.
  • quality cushions with quality cover
  • swing arms and the plastic parts on the headband should be made of metal.
  • make it easy to take off the cushion.
  • bigger cushions for big ears that stick out.
  • spare cessions should be included, which is nice when it’s hot and you sweat and you need to wash the sessions, then you can just put on the fresh spare cessions.
  • replace the synthetic leather with real leather
  • more metal parts instead of plastic.



There the is room for improvement.

I will have to research headphones and get a attachable mic, Mod Mic 5 looks decent enough.

Official product page:






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