Mudhugger Front Race & 29er Rear Mudhugger – 4 months review

Maxxis Shorty 2.3

The mudguard is also keeping spray from tyre away from the dropper post. it won’t only be mud but rocks too.
it’s nice to be able to visit someone and sit indoors without mud spot on the shorts.
front guard protect against rocks flying up too, but with Shorty tyres they shoot up front so if a rider is in front he will get rock so if he turns he could damage his or hers eye if hit.
so tyre throwing rocks hard at dropper post won’t be good.
I went for function over looks.
I am not afraid to get dirty.
but don’t want to damage parts and get dirty and wet unnecessarily, and using rear mudguard, eliminates the need for those shorts with waterproof butt section, so I get good air flow, don’t overheat, don’t get soaked, and can ride comfortably.

I noticed when riding on very roucgh trails, the guard sometimes hits the knobs on the tyre,
It probably happened when I was rolling the bile down steep stairs, I hit the fender on stair step.


  • easy to fit, the design on the guards allows it to fit on most full suspension bikes, but yet still allow great coverage.
  • The rear fender has great coverage and keeps your but dry from tyre spray.
  • The front guard trows the dirt back down in stead of forward.
  • The front of the fender is designed to keep dirt down and now flying up or forward as come fenders on the market will do.(Tyre Suomi Gazz Extreme 294)
  • many holes to fit most of the forks on the market.


  • the edges are sharp, so be careful to not cut your self.

More reccomended accesories:

Check out Ben Cathro’s video: showing the mud guards in use:

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