TIMBER BOLT-ON MODEL long term review

Timber Bell & Ethirteen Dropper post remove 17J V10SS

I wanted a bell like this for many years, finally, I have it.

The body is made of plastic was concerning to me, but so far I have not hit the bell in a crash, I knew it was not as exposed.

Race Face 1x Dropper post remote_2961

I have used this bell for many months, and I have not had any signs of wear yet If I do I will update you on this.

Timberbell Race & Face Turbine_0614
it can be mounted to the thick part of a 31.8 handlebar.


  • easy to switch from on & off.
  • Comes with a spacer to mount on the narrower part of the bars
  • No need to ring a bell, this makes a huge difference so there will be less finger fatigue & more control & safer riding.


  • There was one flaw I noticed quickly, the ringer gets stuck and does not drop down before significant vibrations occur, which I easily fixed with slamming the front wheel, which you can see in the video below, no more the feeling of almost crashing due to use of bell, this bell lets you shred hard and fast in full control, and when you don’t need it you can switch it off.
  • No 35mm option, so the only place I could mount it was next to the dropper post.

Verdict: Recommended

So far this is the only bell you should get.

every rider needs a bell like this, it makes life so much easier on the trails, you can still shred downhill, and let the hikers know you are coming.

Some use cowbells but they can’t be switched off.


For Norwegian customers: https://www.birk.no/timber-mountain-bike-bell

Flickr Photo Album: https://flic.kr/p/2emjhaA

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