18.04.2017 Updated Review: Ironside 191271 assortment box

The only reason I purchased it was because I had to have something fast.

This is a very flimsy assortment box, & am ran out of space in them.

Overpriced, low quality, easelywhichI can’t recommend this product at all.

the plastic hinges are all different, one falls off if I try to close the box open the case.

There is risk of the plastic hinges falling off, but there is even greater chance of the hinges falling off if you drop the box.the transparent cover, does not cover/close properly, which leaves a gap so tiny parts can fall out.

the design wastes space which could be used to store something in, strange shapes which are silly, this looks m ore like a kids toy that a proper assortment box for professionals.

One more thing I hate about this box is that you can’t stack them, if I put one on top of the another one it moves in all directions, and there is no way to secure them together.


I have an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver from Ironside, and they worked fine so far, but I have not tried other tools from Ironside.

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