Review: Hope Tech Enduro – Pro 4 29er conventional 32spoked


After 1 meter drop with too low tyre pressure: we all make mistakes

Good thing is that I learn from my mistakes and never do them again.

one of the rear wheels,got a small dent,I ridden with studded Suomi WXC 300 tyres,  30 psi was too low in turns because of squirming,but I later added 10 psi.

If can, of course, bend it back.

Winter riding:

AS the temperature decreases seals shrink, wheels go out of true faster, but this will happen on any wheel set.

So far I have been riding down to -11 Celsius.

I have been riding below freezing temperatures, few weeks, I noticed the sound coming from the rear hub was dampened, and sounded like there was water inside, because there was water inside, the plastic seal shrinks when its so cold, which allows water/melting show to come inside, which happen on a -6 Celsius ride.but if you it’s not possible to make a tighter fitting seal, so I recommend to put grease between the seal and the hub freehub body, which will give more protection after I have applied grease to the seal, I have not ad any more issues with water in the freehub.

I also put grease in the rim holes and on the spoke nipples, providesTo prevent corrosion.


  • 33providea true wheel for longer than 28 like Bontrager duster.
  • Hope made a noticeably stiffer wheelset than Bontrager duster 29er when going  fast in berms or landing jumps, or in general hard riding, it really makes a huge difference
  • High quality brass spoke nipples, accurate size,s o easy to work with, unlike the nipples on Bontrager Duster wheel set. There is no twisting or bending or crushing or cracking of the nipples when truing the wheel.
  • The hub is one of the best hubs on the market, it’s got idiot proof design, it’s very easy to take apart, I love the freehub system, there is no too required to take off the freehub.
  • 10 & 11 speed compatible, hope provides a spacer for 10 to 11 speed cassettes, and the freehub body is wider than a 10 speed freehub boy, so the cassette is further to the right/closer to the frame, which  result in a better chain line, for 11 speed,and no chain drop when backpedalling, unless you backpedal using your hands at unrealistic speed/rpm, I have been doing backward 180’s without any issues.
  • The wheels stayed true for a long time & no damage to the rim was done, after 3 weeks of hard trail riding, and some hard street riding, but after those 3 months it needed a quick retention, but it was a piece of cake.
  • the freehub is not too loud.
  • end caps for skewer or 12mm & 15mm axles
  • very easy to do maintenance/service no springs jumping out or tools needed(not counting the cassette tool)
  • Sealed cartridge bearings

I managed to get a small dent in 2 spoke nipples, but it did not effect the threads, might have been a big stone that hit them, the dent was only one one side so I could get the spoke tool on.

Cons: None


I Recommend this wheelset, if you want wheelset that works and is easy to work on, then this is a good choice.

I have put it trough harsh riding in all different weather and temperatures.

Good wheelset to a good price, good reliability.

Hope has also made a 35mm version which I have not Tried.


Some pictures:

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You can buy it here:

different hub sizes and colors:;mid%5B222%5D=1;content=7


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