(updated)One season review:Suomi Tyres Extreme 294 26″

Yes, they cost more than normal tyres, and more than cheap winter tyres but, the extra grip is worth it.using tyres with no spikes in the midsection is pointless.

These tires give excellent grip, but they, of course, don’t stop you from sliding on very slippery ice when you turn too fast or brake too hard.

the strong stink goes away after few weeks of use so the stink will not irritate you when you got the bike indoors.

after about 4 months of use there were some cracks in the tyres, which might have been caused by broken glass,I don’t know,some studs fell out some snapped in half,but studs can be replaced.


  • sticky well gripping tyre
  • good pattern, that helps with getting the mud away and gripping the surface.
  • Does not lose studs easily
  • fast rolling
  • they are not as loud as WXC 300


  • they got a strong stink to them when they are new, which last few weeks.

about 4 months of use:25333718912_26382f9427_c25156554950_83dc47978e_b24821584544_07abd2f4bf_b

Verdict: Recommended

I recommend these because of the durability.

Check out Tommi Kivimäki‘s review & set up of  Suomi Tyres Gazza Extremes 294:

Suomi Stud tool:





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