Review:2015 Poc trail Vent shorts

I am happy with the protection products from POC.

I have not had a bad crash in these I can’t say what will happen exactly,but I assume they will do pretty well.

Attack position


  • side zip venting, it is perfect for me, I can use the shorts in the spring and autumn and some mild winter days.
  • I use size 32, but I use the waist adjustment, but if would get chubby they would still fit.
  • the adjustment straps are perfect,i do not have the need for a belt,this is perfect for me because I hate to use belts when cycling.
  • the right zip pocket  will fit a smart normal size smart phone, my cat s50 fits perfectly.
  • can use a belt,but i prefer to use the Velcro straps instead.
  • comfortable
  • zippers are smooth
  • good length,I ride the shorts in the fall/autumn,I wear the shin and knee pads, with keeps me warm but not too warm, but of course when its winter I wear my craft rain pants over the poc stuff.26905195400_2eaf2febc5_b
  • strong threads/stitching
  • excellent and smooth zippers,and the button make it simple and easy to takeo n and off.


  • The shorts should be longer.

  • the big Poc logo on the side might eventually fall off afther use and wash , as can  be seen here: i use 800rpm/ gentle wash, this is pretty common issue with printed logos, i got 2 pairs 1 in baron blue and oen in black ,this happend on the black shorts,but i have used&washed  the baron blue one more. i do not know why this happend so fast with htese shorts and did not happend on the blue shorts.ihave a adidas jacket, and this happend with it too,but this was with years of use,and now its crackign and falling off,so i was supriced so see it happenign to the poc short so fast.
  • IMG_20151229_014833.jpg
  • the fabric under the bottom show signs of wear, but nothing major it’s only on the inside,these 2 were the only signs of wear I have seen on the shorts so fat it only happen on the black short.when you wear it the bottom tilts to the left and is rubbing the fabric,so it wears.
  • get bit hot in above 25 degrees Celsius


If you can get Poc Resistance strong shorts instead get them.

The short is almost perfect, but need improvment on the button.

Review: POC Resistance Strong shorts

4 thoughts on “Review:2015 Poc trail Vent shorts

  1. Hi. In some sites people says that they run large. I use 32 in Fox Ranger shorts and 32 in TLD Ruckus (they fit me a little loose). Should I buy 30 or 32? I am a short male. 1.7 meters I am also worried about this shorts being to long. Thanks


    1. If you are 32iches they should fit, well and you still should have room.
      I use the both adjustment straps half way.
      FOX sizing= 32=31-33
      Troy Lee design sizing= 32=31-33
      Poc sizing= M= 21-32 which fit me perfectly, I use the chamois in medium too.
      So the tld and fox should fit bit bigger people, on paper.
      what matter when buying shorts is that they are big enough in the hips.
      but if your waist is 32inches the shorts will fit you if you got a normal balanced body size.
      if you hip size is about 36inches/91.44 they should fit perfectly.

      The pants should fit bit loose when not adjusted, to get the fit perfect.

      The first bike baggy shorts I got were craft path and then I got Poc shorts, which are a good fit.
      I think you should go for medium/32 shorts and medium/32 chamois. xs-s/28-30 will be too tight.
      Poc got good adjustment.
      I can have 3 fingers between the shorts and my body when unadjusted.

      hope this helps.
      how long you are does not matter buying clothes, unless you buy a full body suit or winter-suit. its the individual measurements that matter,
      some got long upper body some wide hips some got short legs ,thighs or long thighs.


    2. Now as Got more muscular and less fat around the waist & hips,I am 32 in the waist,and 36 in the hips I use the adjustment straps to the max both on The trail vent shorts, and 2016 Resistance shorts. you should measure the hips too.


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