REVIEW: 2015 ESI Chunky & extra chunky silicone grips

I have ridden with these few months now.

I heard the lizard skins are way too hard,since i already got ESI grips and they are much better than rubber grips,I ordered the extra chunky grips too.the chunky feel much better than any cheap rubber grip or lock on grip I ever had.

i need little bit more shock absorption,I can compress the grip so i can feel the handle bar,i will change them out for Extra Chunky’s hopefully they will be better.

But that said they are a big improvement, my hands hurt less,and its more comfortable to ride.

After almost one season the grips began to wear,and became ruff and started to peal off small flakes.26307676250_68f1a4b4fd_b


  • absorbs shock
  • feels great without gloves
  • good grip,even when wet
  • 10 colour choices,i got green fits my fuel-ex perfectly.
  • stays in place, does not slide off.
  • reduces hand numbness – fatigue- arm pump
  • easy to clean
  • they can be used in the winter, I have ridden few days with -10  and more, with the grips, with out any issues.


  • if you crash hard into a tree or something or similar, there is a big chance that they rip.
  • wear out faster than rubber grips,but for me its definitely worth getting more Esi grips,at least for mountain biking its a must for me.
  • birds can damage the grips like here,after more than a week there are holes so deep i can see the handle bar.

Putting them on and off:

What you should NOT do:

My method is better than the recommended method by ESI.

DON’T USE A SCREW DRIVER TO PUT THEM ON AND OFF!!! It will damage the grips on thee inside and the grip can rip apart.

Don’t use hair spray, even the bike mechanic tells you to, it will stink, and make the grip slipperier on the inside. no dangerous stuff to breathe that way. and no stinky grips and handlebar.

Don’t use a screwdriver

The best way to put them on or of is to use hot water!!!

I use this method below to fit my silicone grips. Hot tap water method: by doing it the way I do will ensure easy installation of grips. Let turn the use hot side only,to the high pressure,let the sink fill up with hot water keep most of the grip in in the water,to avoid pain don’t dip the while grip with your hands in the water, flip the grip to the other side do the same, the just push it on and and and for final step spin it into place.



good grips no matte if its wet or dry you get one of the most conformable grips on the market,and the price is not bad either.

I got Extra Chunky grips on all of my bikes now.

and remeber:Install ESI MTB grips by using Rubbing Alcohol, Compressed Air or Window cleaner ONLY!


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