Review:Madcatz cyborg freq 7- 2 years review Don’t buy this !!! no 3,5 plugs

Madcatz cyborg freq 7: 

long term review: 1 year:

I used it ca 1 year.i read and watched reviews, but they did not tell about the durability, they are stronger than most of the headsets on the market,but i am sure its possible to make them even better.

its confortable,my ears are avarage size, the fit inside the earcups, the sound is good,but you can’t hear the doorbell.

there are 3 modes voice chat ,music, gaming.

music mode sounds like normal stereo, so if s if yo don’t install the driver, it will sound the same as music mode.

i  use music mode no matter what i do.

in the summer you will be hot on the ears and sweat alot with these headsets,

this headset use dolby surround,

there is one button on the left earcup,to turn it on and off.

you need to download the driver to use dolby surround.

the parts of metal are of course strong,

the headset should be build of metal nto onyl the arms holdign thte cups.the headbad must be made of metal or it will guarateed breake.

all common headsets peopel use are made of plastic and they will breake,

i want a headset that last lifetime.

virtual surround is made with software, and its not the headset hardware that makes it.

all stereo headsets can do virtual surround,

there is software that can make you able to use Virtual surround on any headset, like Razer Surrround

its free but the Advanced features are not.


the microphone makes my changes my voise so i dotn soudn liek me.

2015 january

the headband broke about in the middle.


  • no 3.5 plugs for mic and speaker,only single 3.5 plug for mobile devices,of course controllers/buttons do nto work then on pc,and its too short to use on pc anyway,so if you needd the best audio possible dont buy this junk
  •  plastick middle part on the headband, to make it even stronger they should make the whole top part in metal, it wil lbreak! aftehr oen year you wil lprobably get cracks  teh glue that the pad is glued with will be ruined by sweat. the need to make the next version of aluminium, i don’t care that it will be heavier. i am not bending the palstic, i carefully take the headset of my head, this is unaceptable,
  •  the headset-stand is usless. i’ts undessesary.
  • bad volum control on the ear cup,very unprecise too mutch volume change,
  • the pleather(synthetic leather is thin and wears off afther ca 1 year,
  •  the price
  • this is not a one size fits all headsets, avarage headsize but the headset do not stay the head when leaning backwards
  • the peace holdign the cusions can fall off some times
  • the head band cussion is way too thin and its glued to the plastic and the sweat will make ruins the glue, so you will get glue in your hair,the rubber will melt and fall apart because of sweat, a head cussion should be made of fabric on the otu side and foam inside. an NOT rubber
  •   the ear are too thin,they should be mutch deeper, so your ears would not toutch the plastic plate infront of the speakers, my ears are avarage size, but if oyur ears point outwards or are big  it will be unconfortable.
  • poor thread on the cussions so they rip apart,so washing them in wa washing machine is not a good idea.


  • all controlls are on the headset ear cups, so no need to finding the volume Control on a cable .
  • detachable and bendable microphone
  • over ear (the ear is inside the ear cup) so its confortable
  • long cable
  • 2nd cable with 3.5 plug
  •  detachable microphone,input cover plug so you dont get some dirt inside
  • comfortable for long gaming sessions
  •  the microphone is decent,
  •  color choise
  •  the cushion is easy to take off if you need to clean it
  • no unessesary lights
  • long cable
  • 3,5 mm plug cable for mobile devises


NOT recomend this headset. because of the materials used,and no 3,5 plugs for speakers and microphone

no body likes to buy New headset every year or 2.

even some so called high end headsets have some heakspots.i am not an engeneer but i can see this and udnerstand it.

thin plastic will breake even its its ABS plastic, anything will breake if its too thin.

the headset’s headband must be 100% aluminium.

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