shimano EXPLORER LONG GLOVE- low quality gloves

Size: i purschased these in size Medium,they fit well,but shimano the Bontrager gloves i had were size large


Ather some weeks the gloves show signs of use on the material used on the grey/pink part of the fingers

ather few months with riding

very breathable

the finger tip stripes will fall off afther some weeks of riding,they are pointless they do nto provide extra grip

the finger tips got worn out on theindex fingers

if you crash and fall on the asphalt the the synthethic leather can ripp little bit,if its a big rash they will proobably be ruined, it depends how hard  you hit the ground.

the thumb part changed color from black to brown on my pair i use for riding.

in october they were totally worn out. stitches broke on the fingers.

the gloves could use soem more padding


i have 2 pairs of this glove. they don’t look that mutch used .

if you are a drifter they will be worn out as fast as on a mountainbike.


  •  comfortable
  • breathable


not durable

the shapes on the finers do nto give you extra grip

the touch fasteners straps wornout afther few months,

no tourch screen support on the finger tips


i can’t recomend these gloves 

shimano’s page for the gloves

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