2015 Mavic Notch trail helmet long term review

2015 Mavic Notch helmet with 2015 adidas pinner gogles


  • the price , for $110 you get a decent helmet
  • the Weight : 310 grams (M)
  • good ventilation
  • ERGO HOLD SL retention system mall and confortable                               http://www.mavic.com/helmets/ergo-hold-sl-retention-system
  • the adjsutment knob feels nicee easy to use grips well.
  • the cussions are thicker than on most helmets i ahev seen,this makes it a confortable helmet,(unleass you wear some headwear)
  • sun guard that aclutaly is the right size,of course if you need more you need glasses anyway if the sun is so low.
  • adjustment mechanism is confortable nto liek the met crossover’s helmet where it hurts to have it on.
  • the clamps for the side straps clamps trong
  • the helmet comes in 4 colors matte blue matte black,matte white,matte yellow
  • good ventilation


  • visor is too short(Its useless when riding in sundown.
  • no visor adjsutment
  • only 3 adjsutment hole
  • If you are are careless when you take off the helmet the rear palstic straps might go out of the triple adjustment slots.
  • when i wear a buff o nmy head, the helmet will sit bit higher so the adjustment mechanism will be bit too high, witch is unconfortable. but i need to ignore that its unconfortable, when i ride in -6 degrees celsius, i need to wear some ehadwear. so thsi helmet need better adjustment.

17.11.2015 I noticed this part that is gued to the helmet loosened.


I think mavic did a good job with the comfort and ventilation.



a great review i found written by Francis Cebedo,

mtbr.com wrote a review and they the helmets did nto fit them as well as on my head.

”a medium size is too small but a large was too big as we got shell contact on the upper back of the skull.”

read more at http://reviews.mtbr.com/review-mavic-notch-helmet 

as always very good reviews and videos.


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